Commerce, done right, is a powerful force for good

Patrick Dinnen, Spring 2020

We have fucked the world up in many horrifying ways. At the root of much that's fucked up is our grasping, shallow economic activity. We need a path to a thriving and sturdy economy and we need it pronto. An economy that has real longevity and more evenly distributed benefits clearly must include a rethinking of commerce.

Wherever there are people there are individuals creating interesting, useful and beautiful things. Good goods. Creating them in ways that respect other humans and the abundant globe that supports us all. We need more of this. More measured in activity, respect and artistry.

We need these goods of quality to compete with, and then replace, the torrents of unloveable and multi-toxic junk which we've unleashed.

Believing this, and needing something to occupy and finance my life, I'm carving myself a small role. I will identify and amplify the work of people making important and good things on a small scale. I'll do this with respect, curiousity and the the materials of online: photos, words and infuriatingly-opaque config files.

That is all. Thank you for reading. Please get in touch if you feel like it: or

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p.p.s. It is possible, of course, that I'm full of shit. My wish to make a living and try something a bit new may have lead me to delude myself and attempt to delude you. Resulting in pseudo-altruistic piffle. I hope not. I will try not to make a liar of myself.